Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Migrating to a new blog

New year, new grown up blog?

The thought urge to create a new blog has been on my mind for quite some time now. I feel like I need a blog that describes me as I am now, not 17 year old Vijeya. I did unclutter and delete some posts of this blog a couple of years back, but somehow, it's not quite what I need it to be.

So after spending too much filtering through posts, and playing around with themes and layouts, my grown up blog is now up at

Of course there were some posts I had to take along, because some things (and times in my life) I need to be reminded of. The rest? I still have them all downloaded and saved, so I can import them if I feel the need. That's so me isn't it? Holding on and letting go.

My life right now is so different from when I started this blog. In the past year, I have been an interviewer (the tables have turned!), Secretariat for two international conferences, MC for a seminar on transforming the public service, and so many more things I would have never dreamt of doing. Hopefully, I can slowly build an online presence that matches that. Yup, Instagram and Facebook are going to need some spring cleaning too. Boy, this is a lot of work...

Will I delete this blog? I am an emotional bag of fluff, so I don't know yet. That's how I work, holding on and letting go. 

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